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Suraj trading co. is the most versatile Hartal Suppliers in Punjab. It is also known as arsenic trioxide, is a chemical compound that is commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is a toxic substance that should only be used under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. In Ayurvedic medicine, hartal is believed to have therapeutic benefits for a variety of health conditions, including skin disorders, digestive problems, and respiratory issues. However, due to its toxic nature, it is important to use it with caution and only under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. We also offer a wide range of other Ayurvedic medicines and herbal supplements, all of which are designed to promote holistic health and well-being.

We are the most trusted Hartal Supplier in Amritsar. Our company is proud to be a top supplier of high-quality hartal to Ayurvedic practitioners and herbal medicine stores worldwide. We understand the importance of providing pure and authentic Ayurvedic products to our customers, which is why we source our hartal from trusted suppliers who follow strict quality control measures. We prioritize the safety and efficacy of our products and ensure that they are thoroughly tested for purity and potency before being made available to our customers. Our hartal is made using the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.

We are the most premium Hartal Suppliers and Traders in India. Our team of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and herbalists is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support to our customers, helping them achieve optimal health and wellness. Whether you are a practitioner of Ayurveda or simply looking for natural remedies to support your health, our company is committed to providing you with the best possible products and services. Contact us today to learn more about our hartal and other Ayurvedic products, and start your journey to better health and vitality.